Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Notes from the 2017 Glacier Road Trip, Day Two

-Left Albany, Oregon at around 8:30 in the morning.  Really liked our motel, the Comfort Suites.

-We were going to pass through Portland but could not resist a few stops on our way to Richland, Washington.

-Trader Joe’s in Lake Oswego, Oregon has a nice wine selection but not the Petite Zinfandel that we are looking for.  Bought a couple of bottles to try instead and moved on.

-Stopped at Powell’s City of Books in Portland, quite possibly the greatest bookstore in the world.  Bought used versions of the Terry Brooks’ Sword of Shannara series which I picked up earlier this month and haven’t put down. 

-Public transit in Portland is quite good.  Traffic in Portland is a nightmare.  We were in traffic at 11 a.m. on a Saturday trying to go east out of Portland through the Columbia Gorge. 

-Thanks to the Safeway in Troutdale, Oregon for the decent Merlot and the free rib samples.

-The Columbia River Gorge is still quite beautiful from Troutdale to The Dalles.  After that it becomes a nice river surrounded by really dry hills. 

-We took a different route this time and went on Highway 97 north towards Yakima, Washington.  We passed within sight of Mount St. Helens and the blow out on the side of the mountain is clearly visible.

-We deviated from our normal route to wine taste in Prosser, Washington.  We walked into and out of Apex, Alexandria Nicole, and Milbrandt.  It was either because the wine being tasted weren’t interesting (Apex) or the winery was playing around with different flights and price points (Milbrandt and Alexandria Nicole).  We realized that we are might be done with the act of wine tasting because it is an expensive way to find out if wines suck. 

-We did taste at Kestrel.  In 2010 we loved it.  In 2017, not so much.

-Instead we went to Yoke’s Fresh Market in Richland and spent money on Washington reds that we researched prior.  We bought full bottles of good value reds for the same price as a crappy tasting at the other wineries.  Yoke’s had an excellent selection of Washington Reds for reasonable prices.

-We checked in at the Home 2 Suites in Richland and settled down for the night.   

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