Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Chromebook is a lecture distraction and this is not a surprise.


Hey look, more evidence that laptops probably don’t mix with lecture notes.

One study was at West Point and the other was at an unnamed liberal arts college yet the data showed strong evidence that writing down notes resulted in much higher academic progress than allowing for the use of laptop during lectures.  The discrepancy was amplified for the weaker students in the trials and for students that used their laptops in many classes.  In a high school where students are being handed Chromebooks in the name of equity and cost reduction I figure that this is probably an important point to be made since they are basically thrown at students and teachers with the message “Hey, you figure it out.”

By the way, if you are thinking in the realm of “you shouldn’t be doing direct instruction anyway” then I would love to see the empirical data behind your logic instead of “students have more fun therefore they are learning” anecdotal theorem.