Thursday, July 07, 2016

A word of warning for AP teachers out there…

I return from the land of the Wasatch Range and seriously dry to give a message out to all those teachers that teach Advanced Placement classes. 

Oh wait.  Yes I understand the motto of the AP Reader. 

Rule Number One of the AP Reading is never talk about the AP Reading.  If you break Rule Number One, just remember where the soap came from.

I’m sure the College Board’s Head of Advanced Placement gets in a rage any time even a mention of the Reading gets on social media. 


Or maybe he doesn’t.

I think this piece of advice is same and usefull and probably spans many different subject areas.

Work on the handwriting.

The handwriting was so bad this year that it needs to be said that students are at risk of making things difficult if they can’t get the penmenship down.  Believe it or not the process for grading is quite collaborative and if nearly a dozen college educate teachers and professors can’t read the sanscrit that is on the parchment then you are the problem.  I understand that we are in the era of the touchscreen and the keyboard but total lack of coherence in some of the handwriting was a concern this year; one that needs to be rectified by the teachers. 

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