Monday, April 18, 2016

A work day at home

I’ve had a lower stomach issue bothering me for a couple of weeks now and this weekend seems to have been the culminating event.  After a Saturday of shopping in Santa Rosa I came home and like a hammer I was hit with a fever.  Not a horrible fever; something around 101ish.  Sunday was miserable.  I kept a fever just enough to make me feel totally lethargic but not enough to think I wasn’t going to work in the morning.  I ate one can of soup and that was it.

I woke up before my alarm this morning and while my fever had dropped from it’s max last night (101.7), I was unwilling to go to school a walking zombie.  I took a sick day.

This is very uncommon since I’m usually going to gut out something minor and I don’t get sick often anways.  It’s been years since my last tangle with the flu (thank you flu shot) and the usual colds don’t slap me enough to keep me out of the classroom.  But today’s fever shall be the exception and I’m taking a rest day to get my body back into some sense of normalcy.

Sick days are also not total relaxation days either.  I ended up out of bed at 5 a.m. (like every morning) except that this morning I spent an hour signing up for my sub and lesson planning.  And before you go all “ohhh poor baby” on me, realize that I actually take what goes on in my class seriously.  I’ve not only booted bad subs from not getting it done in my classroom, I’ve called the principal after getting texts from students and had a sub removed from my class by the second period of the day!  I dive into my plans because I expect them to be followed and I expect kids to get something out of it. 

Technology has made the process of communicating with my students much easier.  I immediately sent out a Remind text to all my students to bring headphones and nailed down the link for Friday’s Newshour summary.  For my Comp Gov classes they could look over a Power Point in Google Drive, then hit up a Newshour Series on Nigeria, and finish by beginning to read Persepolis.  My Economics classes did some text notes and then viewed a video about the controversies surrounding Eminent Domain.  The text and links were posted in Google Classroom, a note was left via the substitute system to the teacher in charge, a couple of e-mails to my colleagues to keep an eye out on my classes, and viola, finished.  Around eleven this afternoon I got a text from a couple of students saying the assignment wasn’t up on Google Classroom and within a minute I had the ability make the changes necessary to get things rolling.  Technology is an amazing tool. 

Barring a reaccurence of my fever tonight I should be back in the saddle tomorrow bright and early.

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