Monday, March 07, 2016

Oh, you know, the typical Monday morning conversation

“Is it possible to be a feminist stripper?”

This was the actual conversation from students in my classroom before school started at about 7:15 this morning.  No, it wasn’t a joke.  It did start as a joke but then drifted into one of those questions that may not be appropriate for class except that my students are:

A)  Seniors.

B)  Intelligent.

C)  Mature.

D)  Inquisitive. 

This means that very little is off the table when discussions are concerned.  Potential personal issues will cause me to shut things down rather quicky and that’s about it.  Since I didn’t feel like anyone in the class was a stripper or had the massive potential for stripping (although it has been a way to pay for college) I let the conversation continue as long as it wasn’t going to go off the rails.

It didn’t. 

In the end the commentary revolved around the idea that a feminist stripper who is against objectification of women is kind of doing it wrong, although some of the people in the conversation disagreed with that assessment. 

The issue is a trap for men without a doubt, and hopefully my male students were learning that conversations in college are becoming more and more like the trap.  If you support a woman’s right to be a stripper then you are by the very nature of the act, objectifying her.  If you don’t think that women should engage in the act of stripping then you are obviously too threatened by female sexuality and are a misogynist.

Regardless, one of the great things about teaching is that every day brings something different and unexpected.  Tomorrow?  Who knows….

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