Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Everybody knows you are a lesbian and care way too damn much

Student free speech lawsuit

That’s Taylor Victor. 

She went to class at Sierra High School in Manteca and a teacher apparently tossed her towards the office where two administrators told her to change the shirt because of “inappropriate sexuality” and “dress code violations.”  That caused a bit of a stir and the school and Taylor worked out an agreement that allowed the First Amendment to run amok on campus in exchange for ignoring the error of the districts ways.  Or whatever.

“she met with Leland (the principal), telling him the dress code did not prohibit the shirt; he told her that she was not allowed to display “personal choices and beliefs” on her clothing and that it violated the dress code because it was “disruptive” and could be “gang-related,” the lawsuit says.”

Gang related?  What the hell kind of gangs are hanging out around Manteca these days? 

Yeah doubtful. 

“Assistant Principal Dan Beukelman, who also is named as a defendant, said she could not wear the shirt because it was “promoting sex” and an “open invitation to sex,….”

It sort of is promoting sex because she’s announcing something regarding her sexuality, which is about sex.  But the question is whether or not it really is ABOUT sex.  My guess is that Ms. Victor is doing the part pay-attention-to-me and part social justice thing that is not uncommon with teenagers, and my God did the school overreact.

I can’t see a situation with a Senior coming into my classroom where I do anything but smile and move on.  Taylor’s shirt is the equivalent of a Now This clickbait video, and that’s not entirely uncommon amongst the teenagers that proliferate a high school.  Good, bad, justified or not, the shirt became way too big of a deal for a high school. 

Move on.

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