Sunday, February 07, 2016

Do you feel this?

Young teachers are often shown this during their first years of teaching:

Parts of this are still a part of a regular teachers’ year long process in my opinion; minus the survival part becaue at this point there shouldn’t be a survival mode.  But this is usually the point of the year were I’m tired and I become extra annoyed at all the little idiocies that are a part of education.  My guess is that the drag of the holidays mixed with the end of basketball season sprinkled with the continued existance of a Winter season all contribute to my dreary mood. 

My guess is that the end of the season will perk up my spirits when I’m not tired all the time from game nights.  Increased sun might do the trick too.  I’m noticing that since our forays into the desert Southwest that I’ve been craving more sunshine and warm temperatures.  I’ve always used to be the kind that loved a good rain and fog.  Now I’m good for a couple of weeks and I want my sun back. 

Anyone else on this track or is it just me? 

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