Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 25: Victor via Grand Teton National Park

We got up late, lounged around the cabin and did laundry and left for the Tetons with no intention to hike.  We wanted to drive the park, be mellow, have a picnic at Jenny Lake, and have a lazy day with no real activity.  Basically we wanted to sniff out Grand Teton National Park for tomorrow.  Don’t ask why we decided to do this.  The mood just seemed right.  

We drove over Teton Pass and headed into the little town of Wilson and decided to take an alternate road to the park.  We turned onto Moose-Wilson Road to take the “back way” into Grand Tetons and ran right into…..a moose. 

Yeah, side of the road, just eating whatever and within arms length of my wife.  I was trying to figure how to enjoy the view without scaring the moose while maintaining the structure of my car.  The moose was large.  When the moose crossed in front of my car to cross the road I kept repeating “please don’t hit my car, please don’t hit my car” because the moose will win.  We eventually got passed the moose and into the Tetons. 

We hit the Rockefeller Preserve portion of the park and promptly set up a hike for early the next morning for Phelps Lake.  Then we head to the Moose Visitor’s Center and started planning our routes for tomorrow.  We drove down to Jenny Lake and had a picnic on the shores of the beautiful location, looking straight up into what is considered one of the most beautiful hikes around; Cascade Canyon.  Cascade Canyon has been a bucket list hike for me but right now there are no ranger-led hikes into the canyon and my wife is very bear concerned in the Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier.  There is a very slim chance that I can convince her that we can tag along with a group but I think Cascade will have to wait for another year.  That’s ok, something to look forward to.

We headed back down Moose-Wilson Road, stopped a bit to see a female moose grazing in a pond, and then drove over the pass and back to the cabin.

And the kids.

I have no idea why I feel guilty because having a couple of beers isn’t illegal in the United States.  And it isn’t like the family is telling me off in the slightest.  But, man, I’m getting a strong sense that I’m the one out of whack for drinking my Fat Tire in front of Mormon family reunion.  By the way, I know this is a family reunion because when I went to the office to check on a bear sighting the manager asked if I was with the reunion or the wedding party for tomorrow (wonderful), and I’m going to solidify my thesis that it’s a Mormon family reunion because of the big BYU banner that is now flying in front of one of the trailers that’s as big as our cabin. 

Meh.  Again the religion doesn’t bother me.  The amount of kids running around this cabin area is another issue.

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