Friday, December 25, 2015

Reinvention or revision or recalculation or reassess or whatever

Ever notice that this blog seems to disappear around the first two weeks of November, only to reappear around Christmas?  Yeah, didn't think so.

There is a direct correlation between posts and basketball, and my Christmas present is going to take care of that.  As usual the end of the year brings forth reflection and pondering about what life holds for me.  I'm already on the path to making that happen.  I'm already on a path to make myself a better teacher and a better husband.  It's a path that was really started years ago and much of what has happened in the last few years was about pulling the trigger.  Well, we are now off and running in another direction.

My teaching has to improve.  I drop into survival mode for four months of the year and I'm tired of the half-assness that is involved with something I'm passionate about.  On top of that I need to incorporate the "whatever" stipulations that are coming down the road from Standards and Practices.  They are annoying at best but still require additional human capital to apply, and that resource has been more and more stretched.

I also need to address this next generation of technology and teaching.  Look!  We have Chromebooks!  Look!  People use the Chromebooks instead of teaching!  Look!  That's doing it wrong!  In a world that has now espoused the glory in technology replacing everything, it looks like technology is being used as the answer; when it is supposed to be a tool.  Not THE answer.  A tool.  In a meeting with middle school teachers the first thing out of the mouth of a younger teacher was "how much do you incorporate technology in your classroom?"  The frightening part wasn't that I don't make a massive point to incorporate technology just for the sake of incorporating technology, the frightening part was that it was a meeting about writing.  The question should've been about teaching, not technology.

And there is too much going on in the world for me not to write.  I miss writing.  I think I actually write well and need to write to keep my mind from exploding.

So what's next?  
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