Sunday, October 25, 2015

The week that suffers from pestilence.

I’m at a coffee shop in Rocklin at the moment.  It’s fall and I’m doing a little of the hoops thing with our local AAU team.  I’m coaching both the U-16 and U-18 teams so one game is down and five remain.


First sickness of the year.  Woke up with the sore throat and slowly but surely the energy level started to drop.  By the end of the day I felt so fatigued that it was starting to feel flu-ish.  Some teachers like the “movie and worksheet” route on rough days but I slog through.  I start slow to conserve energy and then try and end strong.  Now my head is just stuffy and I’m suffering from a consistent low grade headache.  I’m wondering if it is allergies.


Peer counselors went to a camp thingy near Willits last weekend and came back with warm fuzzy feelings.  One of them gave me a purple yarn bracelet and told me that they appreciated me .  Usually I smile and move on without it really impacting.  For some reason this year made me smile and actually made me feel, well, nice.  I also took two pieces of yarn and told two students that I appreciated them later in the day.   One young man and one young woman.  Both are pretty awesome. 


I was able to show the new Star Wars trailer in class because it totally relates to Economics.  So there. 

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