Friday, October 09, 2015

Day 21: Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park North Rim.

Our 1960’s style motel is growing on us, probably because the owners care about their motel and we appreciate hard working small business people.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast and headed back south towards the Gunnison River.

The National Geographic book we bought listed the North Vista Trail as a must hike, so we headed east at the town of Delta, Colorado, weaved through the farm land of Clifford, and ended up on the unpaved roads to the ranger station on the north rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  The ranger said that the trail had little wildlife activity and that we should enjoy ourselves, and off we went.

It was a dandy of a hike.   The trail followed the north rim of the canyon with fabulous views and ended up on the top of Green Mountain with stunning views of the entire park and surrounding valleys.  It was a great hike in great weather with no people and the Cottontail bunnies being the only thing that distracted us from the wonderful views.  Black Canyon of the Gunnison was a late addition to the trip, and was a real treat. 

We got back in time to swim at the pool.  Yep, we swam at the middle-of-the-parking-lot pool and we loved it.  The sixties style be dammed, we enjoyed the chill nature of the pool, the kindness of the owner, and relaxation we felt after a long hike and nice swim.

Trails hiked: North Vista Trail to Green Mountain.

Miles Hiked:  7.3

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