Saturday, August 08, 2015

Vaccination law allows my job to be a tad easier.

Jerry Brown has passed a new vaccination law that eliminates personal and religious exemptions for kids enrolling in school.  Students must now be vaccinated in either kindergarten or (if they haven’t already) 7th grade.  This is a good thing.  A very good thing.  Even through Jim Carrey has gone full Twitter nuts about it, it’s still a very good thing.

Schools are massive germ factories, and teachers and students have the potential to spread all kinds of nasty things back and forth, things that could create all kinds of problems for communities.   In most cases those things are colds and flu, the latter of which absolutely destroyed my basketball team last season.  My locker rooms sounded like the Emergency Room with all the hacking and moaning going on.  But out here in rural NorCal we have some of those families that live off the grid and pretty much detest many of the benefits of modern society, including (in some cases) vaccinations.  We’ve actually had some cases Whooping Cough in the county, and that is usually from families that won’t protect their children from a disease that has been controllable for over 70 years. 

So props to the governor for protecting society by implementing mandatory vaccinations.  Those families that want to balk on the mandate can home school their children, thus not putting the rest of us at risk because of ignorance.  

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