Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Summertime is about over

Posts are going to be a tad bit odd because I’m including trip posts from the summer right now.  I don’t like to post when I’m on vacation for obvious reasons so if things seem like they flip between a month ago and now, that’s because the post do flip from a month ago to now.

And what do I do two days after I return from my summer trip.  Classroom.  It’s like an old friend that waits for me and every time I come back to the four walls I feel like something that was missing is returned.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my vacation.  But while some people return to school really saddened that the summer is over, I return refreshed and ready do a bit better than last year.  The classroom is my tool and the first day back is about getting the tool ready to go. 

Remember that I left about three days before school got out to grade AP tests, and that means I’m coming back to shenanigans.  First order of business was to clean up from a senior prank.  I like good, creative senior pranks.  The normal one over the years is gluing the locks of classroom doors shut.  That was done this year too in a few buildings.  It’s destructive and unimaginative so poo on that.  However this year I walked into my classroom and immediately saw that some of my Dodger fan students had left me a gift.  Around my room were dozens of Dodger flags on paper covering my Giants wall, my shelves, my lights, my board, you name it.  Some were way up the wall and I don’t even want to know how they got there.  It made me smile big.  No destruction, good creativity, annoying but good natured.  My first order of business was to clean the classroom of that filth.  Then the roaches.  Ukiah High School has a roach problem.  It would be an understatement to call it disgusting but, well, what do you do?  In the mornings I would turn on the lights to my classroom and the scattering began and throughout the day the roach reports would come in from students.  The school is trying to deal with it but as you know, roaches are tough little creatures to eradicate.  The only roaches I walked in on today were dead ones so I swept out the carcasses and started to readjust my room back to working order.  This involves a lot of moving and “spring cleaningesque” work.  No real curriculum work was done.  Just puttering around the room and getting it ready so I can walk right in and start prepping.       

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