Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Mr. Silva-Brown’s Report Card, Part One: “Ratings Game”, 2015 edition

I present to you, part one of a four part series that looks at the "graded" Mr. Silva-Brown. At the end of each year I give out a report card with questions about my performance during the year.

The questions are:

-One a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being excellent), rate Mr. Silva-Brown's teaching this semester.

-Was I well organized?

-Did you understand what was going on?

-Do you think I have improved since September?

-Did you feel safe?

-Were students treated equally with respect?

-What grade do you think you earned this semester?

-On a scale of 1 (didn’t care) to 10 (total focus), how would you rate your effort put towards this class this semester?  Explain.

-What did I do well?

-What recommendations can you give Mr. Silva-Brown?

-Give one piece of advice for next years students.

Today, I'll give you the numbers rating. The rating is first, followed by how many students rated me at that level.  .

Here are the results from question #1:

Ten- 32

Nine- 41

Eight- 23

Seven- 9

Six- 3

Five- 1

My average is an 8.8, a B+. This is lower than last year and the first time I’ve gone backwards in five years.  Here are the contrasts from past years.

2005-06: 8.3

2006-07: 8.9

2007-08: 8.3

2008-09: 8.7

2009-10: 8.2

2010-2011: 8.5

2011-2012: 8.5

2012-2013: 8.8

2013-2014:  9.0

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