Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 9: Ukiah to Discovery Bay via preparation

Part 2 of the road trip began with a mellow leg to my mother-in-law’s house.  There was little fretting, rushing, or concerns about time since the drive was short and familiar.  Our house sitter was good, the Outback was packed more wisely, our audio books were ready, and we were out of Ukiah by about 11 a.m.  Bye, Ukiah!  See you in month. 

We have changed the way we shop for provisions so we didn’t stop for food at all with the exception of lunch.  Instead we stopped for t-shirts for me.  My standard hiking outfit consists of, from head to toe, a canvas-style breathable hat, a t-shirt, Dri-fit Nike shorts, basketball socks, and my Merrill hiking boots.  My t-shirts are the ultimate multi-purpose item used for basketball, lounging, hiking; they are basically my most comfortable piece of clothing.  But they have about had it so the afternoon was spent at Kohls finding some cheap Dri-Fit replacements from the clearance racks.

Discovery Bay, like the rest of Northern California, was damn hot.  But dinner was excellent and sleep was necessary because tomorrow we have one hell of a drive.

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