Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 10: Discovery Bay, California to Tucson, Arizona via a whole lot of damn miles.

Well over 800 of them in fact.  That’s a lot of miles.

So why drive from the Sacramento Valley all the way to the northern suburbs of Tucson?  Why not.  We save about 90$ in hotel costs and we get to spend extra time with good relatives.  The only negative is being in the car for over 800 miles in a day.  That’s far.  We left Discovery Bay at 4:18 in the morning.  The day went something like this:

-Why the hell is it 72 degrees at four in the morning here?  This sucks.

-Hey look, the moment we hit I-5 the temperature went down seven degrees. Too bad we’ll be on this road for three hundred more miles.

-Animal, Vegetable, Miracle continues in cd player.

-After the fifteenth “Congress Created the California Dust Bowl” sign, I’m starting to get irritated at farmers that plant water thirsty trees near a desert.

-Pull into Paso Robles cutoff McDonalds for a couple of Egg White Delights.   

-Up the Grapevine we go.  The temperature is heading up past 80 degrees now. 

-Los Angeles looks like something that Sauron runs with the help of a bunch of Nazgul.  It is 70 degrees on the 210 but visibility is less than half a mile and the smoke is choking us in the car.  It looks totally otherworldly and disgusting at the same time.  There has to be a wildfire somewhere but we are in this nasty soup for over an hour.

-Oh look, Palm Springs and the temperature is 100 degrees. And Flo Rida is playing at one casino while Boyz-2-Men is at another.  Which one would you choose?

-We stop at a Chipotle in Indio and eat lunch.  It’s now 105 and it sucks here.  We then get just enough gas to get us to Arizona (at $3.20 a gallon) and take off.

-It’s Sunday.  How in the hell is there so much traffic between Indio and Phoenix?  Sometimes we are crawling at 40 mph.  Drivers with license plates from Texas are assholes.  They either flip you off if you go slow or try and side-swipe you.

-Arizona’s first town on I-10 is Quartzsite, and we get gas for $2.69 a gallon. 

-I’m seeing thunderstorms on the horizon but it’s still 106 outside.

-This Goodyear, Arizona McDonalds is the most technologically sound Golden Arches we have ever seen.  It still took us nearly three minutes to get two extra large drinks. 

-Phoenix is packed with traffic and is 106 degrees. 

-A windstorm hits us in Tempe.  Just about the time when I tell my wife “hey look, that’s where the Angels play during Spring Training”, our car gets buffeted by crazy winds.  The temperature is starting to drop and the sky south of us is dark with clouds.

-Off the highway and on to the back roads for Oro Valley.  Just an hour south of Phoenix the temperature is now 73 degrees with a steady rain.  Yes NorCal’ers, rain exists.  It rains for the next 45 minutes straight. 

We pulled into the driveway at 5:37 p.m.  I don’t think I’ve been this tired from driving ever and I’m pretty much a zombie for the rest of the evening.     

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