Saturday, August 01, 2015

Day 1: Salt Lake City, Utah to Torrey, Utah via Landscape Arch, Dead Horse Point, and sleep.

With the end of AP Reading came the official end of the school year.  The College Board released me, I picked up my wife at the airport, and this morning we started bright and early for the San Rafeal Swell and the town of Torrey.

That is, until we came upon a fork in the road.

Eventually Highway 6 from Spanish Fork ended at Interstate 70 and we had a choice; go right and head to Little Wild Horse Canyon, or go left and go to Arches National Park because we were 45 minutes away and who cares. 

We chose left.

Part of being done is the fact that we were now accountable to nobody but ourselves.  Ourselves felt like visiting Landscape Arch so we drove the 45 minutes to Arches and hiked to Landscape Arch because we love it.  Then we left.  Yep, that’s it.  That’s not to say we didn’t drive slowly through the park to enjoy the view but we didn’t stop any other place.  Not one.  We had hit this park two years ago and we knew what we wanted.  We drove to Arches to see one thing and we loved it.  We were accountable to ourselves and we marveled at that massive structure, and left.  It felt good.

Then we headed over to Dead Horse Point State Park because someone on the plane told my wife that it was worth visiting; that and we remembered passing it a couple of years hence.  It was an interesting park with some sweeping views of the Colorado River and Canyonlands off in the distance.  But the hazy day made for meh viewing so we just enjoyed the hike, and these interesting things:

Those are potash quarries.  Apparently there is an underground sea at this location and Intrepid Potash LLC pumps water underground and pushes the salt to the service where it is evaporated using a blue dye for quickness.  Then a twenty (yes, twenty) ton scrapper goes along and picks up the loose potash and transports it to a plant for processing into fertilizer.  Interesting. 

We eventually made it Torrey and now I’m sitting on a porch overlooking the red rocks with a glass of wine.  The vacation begins.

Hikes: Landscape Arch, East and West Rim of Dead Horse Point

Total Miles Hiked: 6

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