Tuesday, August 04, 2015

College Board changes almost nothing to “give in” to idiotic Red States and the RNC

To reinforce my statement that the whole furor over the Advanced Placement U.S. History is full of idiots like Ben Carson, I give you the College Board.

The 2015 AP U.S. History Course and Exam Description


Today, the College Board is providing educators with a new edition of the AP U.S. History Course and Exam Description. This edition is based on feedback gathered over the last year – including through the public review period we initiated – and includes improvements to the language and structure of the course.

It looks like the College Board may have capitulated under the pressure of morons who have an insanely narrow view of what actually happened during the history of the United States.  Let’s see what changed.

Q: What are the main changes in the 2015 edition?

In response to feedback from teachers about the 2014 edition, the structure of the CED has been improved in the 2015 edition to better serve teachers as they move through the course. Key updates include:

  • The concept outline has been reformatted to be easier for teachers to use, learning objectives are now printed alongside the corresponding content in the outline, and more blank space makes it easier for teachers to write in examples of the historical individuals, events, topics, or sources they use in their classrooms.
  • The 2015 edition streamlines and consolidates the learning objectives from 50 to just 19, making them broader in focus and ultimately more useful for teachers in structuring their courses.
  • Content at all levels (Key Concept, Roman numeral, and A-B-C levels) has been refined and clarified. The degree of change varies across different components of the outline.
    • Statements are clearer and more historically precise, and less open to misinterpretation or perceptions of imbalance.
    • Some key individuals (such as James Madison, Jane Addams, and Martin Luther King Jr.) and documents (such as the Gettysburg Address and the Federalist Papers) are now explicitly mentioned.

Oh.  That’s it?

They reformatted the paper and added names of people and documents that every history teacher is going to discuss anyway?  Wait, I get what the College Board did here.

They dumbed it down.

To satisfy the childish insistence that you must have the name of every American figure in the curriculum in order to learn about that figure, the name of every important American has been added to the outline!  It’s like APUSH For Dummies has been released for the Republican National Committee to sift thru and nod their heads while thinking that they are actually smart enough to comprehend what American Exceptionalism entails.  What an embarrassment.

So the controversy ends with a whimper.  The party whose president once complained about the bigotry of low expectations has made the College Board publish the APUSH pop-up book so Red State governments can see the words George Washington and get a nice warm feeling underneath their U.S. flag pins. 

It is nice to know that 99% of APUSH teachers have pretty much ignored the controversy and will continue to teach U.S. History in its totality, not through the lens of simplified rhetoric.  

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