Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thoughts from the 2015 AP Reading

One of the readers mentioned how idiotic it was that someone had blogged about the AP Reading.  I don’t think it was directed at me but I think I’m safe enough in my posts that I follow the College Board rules and don’t endanger my own future as a grader. 

That said….

-There were four high school teachers and three college professors at my reading table.  All of them had Master’s Degrees, save the one high school teacher from Mendocino County.  That would be me.  This doesn’t give me a complex because a more advanced degree basically means zero in the whole scope of teaching.  But it’s interesting none-the-less that people are spending an enormous amount of money with limited financial gain.

-Scott Walker will never get a vote from me.  What he has done to public education in Wisconsin sounds absolutely horrific. 

-Note to teachers; if you are simply preaching the sermon of the horrific corporation, you are really hurting your kids.  Going on your anti-corporation rants doesn’t allow kids to make real analysis regarding the costs and benefits of globalization. 

-Once again the most depressing thing to read during the grading week are the letters from students who either were forced to take the test, or that had a horrific teacher that did not prepare them.  It seems like more and more schools are throwing APs at students to boost statistics; so they can get ranked in U.S. News and World Report.  Schools are ranked high in that publication based on number of students taking AP tests.  From what I can see they aren’t learning much.

-The usual prom notes, life drama, musical lyrics, and numerous drawings filled out testing booklets this year.  This years oddity; quite a few 9/11 conspiracy theories.  This years trend; ridiculous amounts of “America is #1.”  Quite a few booklets had “why do I care about this shit because America is the best”, a frighteningly un-Advanced Placement attitude. 

Next year?  Maybe.  The dates are getting earlier and earlier, and the brilliance of our elementary school teachers pushed our graduation later.  This sucks for not only AP testing but also AP grading.  I might be out of luck. 

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