Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another AP Reading

The only thing I miss about Kansas City is the BBQ. 

The AP Reading is now in Salt Lake City, Utah and I can’t be more thrilled.  The food inside the convention center is better.  The food outside the convention center is better.  There is no humidity.  The city scape is gorgeous.  The transportation system around the area is one of the best I’ve seen.  Yep, I love Salt Lake City. 

Except for the near beer.  A brother can’t get a damn regular beer with pizza.  Nope.  I order a Blue Moon forgetting where I was and got a 3.4% something-or-other.  Ick.

At the Kansas City Convention Center we had to walk down a couple of long halls, about 2-3 city blocks, to get from chow to testing room.  Here?  We walk about half the distance, only we are about four levels up in a small corner of the convention center.  Sort of like the lost attic area where you can work with no one bothering you. 

Oh, and about the test reading……

Uh, uh, uh; no test info for you.  Remember the number one rule of AP Reading. 

#1 Rule:  Don’t talk about the AP Reading.

Ok, how about a couple of side notes then.

-People here are actually getting quite sick.  Apparently the mixture of the dry air and higher altitude have made a nasty combination for those that don’t drink plenty of water and get some rest.  Me?  I’m a little dry but I’m doing  just fine with the altitude. 

-I left Ukiah at 3 p.m. and stayed the night in Sparks, Nevada.  I left Sparks at 6 a.m. and, stops and all, got to Salt Lake City at around 2:30 (including the time change).  Yes, the trip across the Great Basin area of Nevada sucks.  And it rained half the way across the state. 

-Did you know that AP Comparative Government has the lowest turnover rate for test readers?  They keep coming back!  We seem to all recognize each other as regulars and it’s actually pretty comforting. 

-That also means that I took a bit of razzing about the Giants winning the World Series.  All in good fun.

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