Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Week that Was; the End is Not Near Edition

Advanced Placement tests are done.  Classes are being scheduled for next year.  Senior farewells have started.  The College Board is reminding me of summer fun in Salt Lake City.

We aren’t even close to over. 


The kids seemed pretty confident in the Comp Gov AP test, pretty much saying that the questions were either really easy or insanely hard.  When asked about comparisons to the APUSH test the students were fairly split about which one was tougher. 

I’m sure the College Board knows at this point that the FRQ and DBQ questions are only a hashtag away.  Want some sick humor?  Check out APUSH and AP Comp Gov hashtags on Twitter around the time tests are getting out.  The memes are often hilarious and rather politically incorrect.  They are also very informative about not only what was on the test but also what was not taught by the teacher of the tweeter.  Seriously, some kids didn’t even know the AP 6 in Comp Gov, and that’s unforgivable.


So what’s next for Seniors?  Well here is the yearly struggle of the message we give to the Senior class.  Next week is the wonderful new distraction called Senior Week.  Then a bunch of Seniors are on the Senior Trip to Mickey’s Corporate Kingdom where the will miss the following Tuesday and Wednesday, and then that Friday is Senior ditch day.  But somewhere we keep getting the message that we need to teach to the end, especially for those that, you know, are borderline in making the end. 

Graduation is the event that matters.  I never understood the idea of a Senior trip existing over multiple school days.  It sends a really screwy message.


What do we do after AP testing?  Well, we work.  I tell my Seniors that I recognize that they put forth a whole lot of out of class effort and it is time to pull back on the homebound workload. 

But they need to be in class.  My International Relations simulation is engagement intensive and requires attendance to be mandatory or grades start suffering.  My last few weeks are a great way to help boost the grade of those that struggled with my AP intensity while enjoying a simulation that can be really involved.  Nope, there’s work yet to be done.


The second basketball season begins this week.  Yep, Summer AAU is upon us where June and most of July is going to be taken up by lots and lots of basketball.  Gone are the days where you go to a couple of tournaments and that’s it.  Now Varsity programs are a year round function that compete with local AAU programs.  Those programs charge $500-$1,000 for less than 20 games.  We charge less $300 for 50 games, and we help out kids that need financial assistance.  Thankfully I have a staff that is amazing and takes on this summertime commitment because I need the vacation with my wife to recharge.


Hey, the Willits News actually honored the Teachers of the Year!


A student walks into Open Gym and I look at his feet.  He has low top shoes on that look half trail shoe and half bowling shoe. 

“Sorry D, can’t let you run today in those shoes.   Gotta have basketball shoes in Open Gym.”

You know that moment when about twenty guys in a gym stop what they are doing and look you.  Yeah, that happened.

“Brown, those are the new Durants.” 

“Those are the new KDs, Brown!”

“Brown, those are basketball shoes.  They’re Durants!”

I looked at a colleague who just shook his head and said, “Kids just don’t wear highs anymore.”

Highs?  Hell, kids don’t even wear real kicks anymore. 

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