Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Week that Was; the AP is going to be AOK, AIGHT Edition

This is the week that you might actually be able to hear the stress emit from student brains.  Advanced Placement testing started on Monday and while I try and try to calm them down, many act as if the test will bring ultimate fulfillment or total despair to their lives. 

My AP (Comparative Government) will be this coming Thursday.  The benefit is the extra time during this AP week, especially since the elementary teachers voted to make the high school loose one week of instruction.  But the bad part to the week is that about 70% of the students are not in class because they are taking other AP tests, and many are fairly burnt out by the time mine rolls along.  That just makes engagement that much more necessary this week!


From all accounts Prom was quite the success.  There were the usual student complaints that you always hear from Prom that revolve around the music or the drama but the busses didn’t seem to be much of an issue and the vast majority of students said they enjoyed it.  At the same time it looks like the bussing also curtailed a lot of the drinking as many supervisors said it was a slow night for boozy students.  Good.  We like students having a good time in a safe environment!


Mrs. Coach Brown got Teacher of the Year at her high school this year.  She got it because she’s really damn good at teaching and things.  She’s far better than I am.  She’s earned it many times over. 

Of course, leave it to the idiots at the Willits News to report on district Teachers of the Year like this;

“A group of teachers received “Teacher of the Year” awards,……”

An article that big and you can’t even list the names?  Guess if isn’t weed or chaos, it isn’t newsworthy.  Trash.


Softball champions!


Mid-May also brings Senior realization mode.  Attitudes are starting to soften and shift as some of the students start to realize that their life is about to make a substantial shift elsewhere.  It’s not that they don’t want to leave, it’s that they are a tad fearful that the routine is gone, a tad sad that their cliques will be evaporated, and a tad apprehensive about what is coming.  Lots of listening and lots of smiles will be coming in the next few weeks.

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