Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What ever happened to simple?

Did you know that someone out there is spending $324 to invite a girl to Prom?  Actually, someone is probably spending a lot more because that looks to be the national average for someone to execute a promposal; the act of total narcissism cloaked in some “cute” method of asking a girl to prom that is going to end up soaking you for another $500.  It’s been the rage for the last few years and thankfully it seems like the shark might have been jumped in these parts.  My wife had a couple of promposals that she found “adorable” while I’ve had a guy stand on a chair and ask a young lady to prom.  Thankfully my Facebook feed hasn’t been inundated with the lame attempts at selfish tomfoolery. 

But maybe I’m being a killjoy.  Maybe I’m missing the point and should embrace the new and heartfelt traditions of the new generation.  How about a warm and loving promposal video.

Quick side note.  I went to two proms and I might have, MIGHT HAVE, spent half of what one promposal costs. 

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