Sunday, April 19, 2015

The week that was; the Local Theater edition

This week I saw a tremendous amount of success. 

One of my students got into Stanford.  Another former student dropped out of college and found her passion.  I ran into yet another former student who was happily married and expecting their first child.   And I saw generations of students, current and a decade past, living their passion and bringing joy to themselves and others.  It was a fairly awesome week


I haven’t been to the theater in awhile and this week I hit two weekday shows; Spamalot at  the Ukiah Players Theater, and Legally Blonde the Musical at Mendocino College.  One was good and one was fantastic.  The one that was fantastic kept me totally awake and interested for two and a half hours and made me want to join the theater.  I may have to go to more local shows next years since it has been quite the stretch between times I’ve watched a stage.  By the way, if you want to pay for me and my wife to go to New York and watch Hamilton, I’d love you long time.


Six families have pulled their child for extra vacation time for the next couple of weeks, two weeks after spring break and less than two months before graduation.  At this point I don’t even warn students that it can be detrimental to grades.  I simply give them a couple of my Short Term Independent Study form, sign the paper, and they are off.  Almost no one completes the work while they are gone.  Almost no one studies.  I get it, they’re on vacation.  But this problem is habitual and the teachers usually get the burden of angry parents and grades.  Oh well.  At this point we teach those that show up.


By the way, I heard that a local school district now gives online credit recovery……..for Physical Education. 


Physical Education. 

Way to cash it in Education.


Clubs Day was Friday.  Clubs Day is where different clubs hawk wares and food in the quad in order to drum up membership and raise funds.  The best food is traditionally the Indian Tacos but I could find none and wasn’t about to pay money for Safeway sugar cookies.  I did notice a fundraiser that allowed students to tape teachers to a wall.  For a certain amount of money you could buy a length of tape and add it to the teacher on the wall.  I wasn’t on the wall because I didn’t know and I probably would have said no anyway.  Physical abuse of teachers is no fun.


Did you know that Ukiah Unified has had three deaths and eleven injuries due to drinking and driving?  I didn’t until I was told this on Wednesday.  I brought it up to my Seniors who admitted that it  happened very often, and then remained silent about being sober drivers. 


This happened.  I showed it in my fourth period Comparative Politics class because it’s Star Wars.  Period.

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