Saturday, April 25, 2015

Later start times are now a thang.

Oh look.  Slacktivism! 


Nothing better than getting someone from Iceland to sign a petition to change the start times at a high school in Northern California.  I’ve seen these attempts at changing school structure before and what I’ve noticed is that the most vocal are usually those that don’t like to admit that their kids are slacktivists too.  Here’s my guess; based on the issue being school start time and the vehicle being, I’m figuring that this is the hyper-liberal clan that is disappointed that their kids are not as driven as they were during their highly educated activism fight-the-power stage. 

Oh well.  It makes little difference in my case if the start times changed.  But it will totally screw with half the population that is involved in athletics, much of the Senior class that has to work (including those that directly provide for family), and those students who will simply being staying up later for studying and homework.  And 80% of the students hate the idea and want to keep the early start time.  And we changed went to the early start time because students wanted it. 

Oh, and before you spout American Pediatrics data to me, let me remind you that the reports that they use for research show:

A)  Some high schools show marginal benefit to later start times.

B)  Some high schools show no benefit to later start times.

C)  Some of these high schools were in the exact same district. 

I also buzzed around the United States to some of the top public high schools and noticed that start times were not really a massive topic of conversation, or an excuse for poor academic performance.

Start times might help, might help, at a fairly high cost to the institution (transportation) and the student.  Worse, it’s like trying to fix a car with a busted engine by putting on a new coat of paint.  It will hardly make a dent in the issues that matter in getting the kids a good education. 

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