Sunday, March 01, 2015

WASC time!

Oh goody. 

It’s been a few years so I guess now is as good of time as ever for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation process visit.  This is where teachers and administrators from around the state trek to Ukiah High School to make sure our school is up to snuff and official.  It’s one of those totally bureaucratic things that they never tell you about in the credential program that has the ability to time suck your total existence into a nether void of pain and suffering.  This is my fourth WASCer, I think.

I’m also on some committees that will be meeting with WASC squad because I’m flexible and diplomatic and such.  The committees include:

-The Committee on Curriculum and Instruction

-The Social Science Committee

-The Athletic Supporter Committee*

-The Committee on Red Wine Consumption (C0-Chair)*

-The Committee to make Frank Underwood Superintendent*

-The Mother of all Committees*

I’m going to be busy. 

There is a whole dog and pony show that actually begins tonight and includes tours and smoozing and the like.  They initially put me in charge of the lobbying portion of the WASC visit but it was pulled out from under me when some higher-up got the leaked schedule that included beer pong and “UHS Cultural Awareness activity at 4:20 p.m. under the bridge at Low Gap Park.”  Humpf.  Their loss.

There is a chance that the group comes into my classroom and that means that I could be in the middle of dancing in my Russian underwear singing “A Man Like Putin” while my background Power Point has a picture of the Russian president doing the butterfly in Lake Baikal.  But it’s unlikely because the students would simply say “ugh, not again” and be totally disengaged.  Disengaged is bad for WASC.  Guess that means I better be engaged too.

*committee creation tentative

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