Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pine Bush High School is responding so well to the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic.

Andrew Zink, Senior Class President for Pine Bush High School in New York, had an idea.  In commemoration of Foreign Language Week, how about we have the Pledge of Allegiance spoken in a different language….

“The morning's regularly scheduled announcements included the Arabic reading of the pledge.”

Hey look!  A different language!

You got to admit that it was pretty ballsy for Zink to throw that out there in Arabic, what with Pine Bush’s nice history with race and ethnicity issues (Anti-Semitism accusations two years ago).  It took no time at all for the tweet ragers of PB to demand English only text with the extra incentive of threatening people that didn’t like it with expulsion to the Middle East.  Classy bunch. 

 IMG_2681 2

Man, you would just love California.

It took Pine Bush High School about 30 seconds to totally capitulate. 


Offensive huh?  Honoring the United States of America in Arabic is offensive? 

Wait a minute.  I’m getting deja-vu!  I can’t make it out!  Where have I seen this whole argument played out before?

“I have to admit, when I heard Nuestro Himno play on the loudspeaker on Friday at Ukiah High School, I grinned.  The smile on my face was because I knew the Spanish rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was going to rangle teachers and students at the high school.”

Oh that’s right, it was at my school!  Yeah, remember when all of Ukiah suddenly spoke Spanish, soccer became popular, and the PRI started having polling places put in the loyalist homes up and down School Street?  No?  Me neither.  But it was fairly fun watching everyone get muey uncomfortable at the attempted former-War-of-1812-narration-set-to-an-English-drinking-tune transition to another language. 

Should the Pledge be in English?  Probably.  It’s designed to be in English and it does convey a national ideal that sounds best in English.  And yes, the United States has no national language except that a vast majority speak English.  It’s an assimilation things that I’m willing to concede.  But to get really offensive is idiotic.  Hey look, a teachable moment; except that an institution of learning went Duck Dynasty and apologized for noble experimentation.  That’s ridiculous.   

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