Wednesday, February 25, 2015

And where have you been

I've been asked more about my blog this week than I can ever remember so I decided to post something. It really is nothing in particular since I've been so tired since, oh I don't know, October. Yes, the basketball season straight tuckered me out. The mix of emotions with success (the kids' reviews of the season have been overwhelmingly positive) and the failures (our record was not great and my self-criticism), the grind of the driving, and my age and mortality have made me more tired than I've been in a long, long time. I'm hopeful for the future but damn tired.

So the blogging has been at a minimum. That has to change. I actually miss writing and reflection a lot and I think it actually has taken a toll on my overall well-bein. Ideas swirl in my head and most never make the trip down my fingers to the keypad and the Cloud. Too much is going on in my classroom, at my school, in my town, in Education, and in my life that deserves commentary and reflection.

Write, right now.

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