Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

My wife and I are the life of the party on New Year's Eve. We are usually out by 9:30 after celebrating East Coast New Year with a bottle of sparkling and a healthy dose of our homemade chicken pot pie.


With age has come a mellowness during the holidays that my wife and I enjoy. I have no desire to ever be a part of the New York celebration or even attend a massive party in San Francisco. Nope. Our New Years consisted of a hike in Montgomery Woods Redwood Preserve and a mellow night of cooking. Total ragers, baby!

And no New Years resolutions either. Resolutions that begin with the change of a calender are fundamentally ridiculous. I mean, whatever motivates you to accomplish your goals but the likelihood of meeting that goal successfully is pretty low when you base it on the New Year. So you won't get school resolutions for me because those come about at the end of the school year. You won't get weight resolutions from me because I don't base my health on the calender. You won't get resolutions because if there needs to be a change, I change it.

Break time is almost over. I've tried to keep my brain out of an sort of school mode for the full two weeks and in the classroom realm it has worked. I've still got this massive pile of homework to grade but at least I feel a little fueled up energy wise. Basketball still roams my vacation. Morning practices all this week (save this morning) and an eye on local tournaments has been the norm. I even watched a game two nights ago on a new app called High School Cube; which seems to be a warehouse of high school games to watch on-demand.

So Happy New Year, and may 2015 be fruitful and yada, yada.

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