Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014 and whatever

Notice that the last time I posted was right before basketball season began.  There is a correlation between the season and the lack of posts, and damn do I miss writing.  I know, it's Christmas so why write now?  Two reasons.  One is the fact that I'm doing nothing right now.  Two, my wife was visited by Santa last night with the gift of the stomach flu.  She's sleeping now and I'm awake.

So what's up?

I would talk basketball except that it would probably be a bad idea.  I've gained more attention in the three months of the season than in 14 years as a teacher and the quickest way to create controversy is to talk about the intricacies of high school athletics.  Some day I'll write a book.


That's from a Santa Rosa prep sports website.  Obviously not the New York Times (there, their, they're) and it has a history of not liking Ukiah athletics.  It was my first ranking as varsity coach of a boys basketball program that upgraded its schedule as soon as I was hired.  I was hardly surprised with the negative press.  I good word from that site would be like Al Jazeera doing a "Man of the Year" expose on Bibi Netanyahu.


One thing that basketball has done is destroy my time for homework grading.  I'm behind.  Like way behind.  Some of this is due to unforeseen circumstances that occurred with our gym and the craziness that went with finding practice sites.  My second week of Christmas break will be catch-up time.


Our school district is now looking at moving the starting time forward next year.  I'll save the rant for a later date but the idea that teenagers will increase their academic achievement because of later start times is fairly absurd, if only because the reason why the early start time was adopted was because the students wanted it in the first place.  If school board members want a reason why students aren't sleeping, check out Twitter and Snapchat at 1 in the morning.

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