Monday, December 29, 2014

Fort Bragg upholds the Constitution

This just in from the Fort Bragg Advocate News:

From: Patrick C. Wilson, Senior Associate General Counsel for School and College Legal Services of California.

Issued statement read to us from Marc Woods, father of Mendocino High School player Connor Woods:

“This is to advise you that the district will not prohibit spectators from attending the Fort Bragg USD basketball tournament because they may be wearing a T-shirt that may have an expressive message on it.

I'm informed that there was at least one tournament game this morning; spectators were allowed into that game even if they were wearing such T-shirts.  Similarly, the district will not prohibit a student athlete participating in this tournament from wearing an expressive T-shirt during warm-ups.

However, student athletes must wear their designated uniforms during the game.

The district may revisit this issue if there is a bona fide disruption, linked to the activities mentioned above.”

Looks like the lawyers of the school district told the administration that they were not only having a public relations crisis, they might even have had a serious legal crisis.  The students should be proud that they stuck to their guns and members of the community that supported those kids should be proud of the young adults not only trying to raise awareness of current events but also for demanding their Constitutional being upheld. 

Fort Bragg High School gets a positive nod too.  They could have easily stuck to their guns and made a real long, dragged out mess of this thing that would have really taken away from the tournament.  But now the issue is dealt with (correctly) and the news trucks can pack up and head on to the next hype machine that they seek. 

All in all the situation worked out pretty dang well.   

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