Sunday, October 12, 2014

Good for Shealynn and Charley. Homecoming still sucks.

Homecoming is over at Ukiah High School.  I didn’t say much about it because I’m past the point of hating weeks of pointlessness that invade the souls of Ukiah youth. 
Instead I’ll mention a Homecoming from a school about an hour way.  Maria Carrillo High School is a rival school in Santa Rosa; a very wealthy rival school who probably can do Homecoming like no other. 
“….Shealynn Stillman and Charley Gittins made history Friday night.  With the announcement of Maria Carrillo High School’s homecoming royalty, the couple — two girls — became the first same-sex couple in the school’s, and maybe the county’s, history to win the honor.”
Told you. 
I honestly don’t care about the royalty aspect of said popularity contest except that it seems like these two actually like each other.  That’s nice to see since most Ukiah couple candidates come together about day before the nominations are due and Billary it up for the contest.  Good for the Maria Carrillo High School administration for not discriminating based on sexual whatever and letting the vote take place as it should. 
By the way, don’t get pissy about the “sexual whatever” comment.  Shealynn and Charley see themselves as pansexual; which might be omnisexual, if it isn’t polysexual, ambisexual, or queer.  Why any teacher, or anyone else, should care about who-loves-who or who-likes-who or who-is-banging-who is still beyond me.  This story isn’t really news except for the fact that they seem to like each other.  Hopefully in the future this doesn’t become news because it really doesn’t matter.  They seem like two fantastic young women.  They won.   
And screw Homecoming.
And screw Willow Canyon High School in Surprise, Arizona.
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