Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Corporation gets little girls to say “fuck” a lot to sell t-shirts, and thus troll all feminists.

There is a good chance that if you disagree with this video for any reason what-so-ever, you will be told that you are missing the point. 

And thus begins the uber-troll.

Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by from on Vimeo.

How adorable. 

Little girls saying “fuck” doesn’t offend me if that’s what you are looking for.  It’s stupid and pathetic but hardly offensive.  No, the joy in this is the reaction online by people that find female empowerment within this video.  While some statistics are very accurate (one in five do report being a victim of sexual assault), and some are a bit more loaded (the 77 cents to a $1 stat can be debated), the whole thing loses it’s legitimacy when Cindy Brady starts going Denis Leary on the world.  But don’t tell those “feminists” because apparently people need to see through cursing girls and focus on the message. 

Ok then.  How about the message on, I don’t know, the shirt? is a for-profit T-shirt company with an activist heart and a passionate social change mission: arming thousands of people with pro-LGBT equality, anti-racism and anti-sexism T-shirts that act as “mini-billboards” for change.”

Let me translate. 

“ is a for profit T-shirt company that has tapped into a market just like any other T-shirt company, only they use little cursing girls saying “fuck” to effectively market their product.  Hey, at least they aren’t corporate.”

Yep.  Even the next generation of feminist can be given a market set and assessed a technique that will effectively promote and sell product.  They must be proud that a director that exploited young girls for profit was representing such a staunch feminist message.  But hey, at least they aren’t some corporation like Wal-Mart.

“In a effort to get tees to supporters even faster, the brand recently became owned and managed by Synergy Media…”

Supply chain issues huh?  Say, about Synergy Media….

“Synergy Media Ltd. is a boutique design, merchandising and marketing company dedicated to innovative brand building. We generate results by engaging people's minds and igniting their emotions. We help a diverse range of businesses establish and strengthen their brands, developing brand identity, collateral materials, packaging…”

Oops.  Looks like a corporation decided to entice people to buy shirts by using young girls to talk fuckenese, and now it’s the new anthem of empowerment.  Shocking.  I’m sure it can’t get worse.



Nothing like money hungry corporations marginalizing women and minorities in an attempt to increase profit margins. 

But wait, you are missing the point….

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