Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back in KC again

Hey look, I'm back in Kansas City again!

You know what that means. I'm officially done with the school portion of my year and I have taken the quest to the Midwest to grade AP Comparative Government exams, which I can't talk about at all because it's bad.

Seriously, it's worse this year. There was an entire spiel about social media and not posting testing stuff on social media, including blogs. I don't think that I'm giving anything away by saying that I'm actually here but you never know with the College Board. Too many mentions on Twitter and a sand worm might come through the floor and swallow me whole. It could happen.

And this is the last year in Kansas City. That means that BBQ is on the menu and I'll probably experience my last Midwestern thunderstorm. Next year, Salt Lake City. They are bringing AP Comparative Government to the same building as AP U.S. Government so all the political science nerds can talk about how they would better rule the world.

I might read again. Might. One thing I look forward to at the AP Reading is the social lounge, where people consume food and drink while watching sporting events and sharing ideas. Teachers will often take this time to share ideas about how to enhance their classes. Now the social lounge doesn't really exist. The College Board decided not to fund the social lounge for AP Comparative Government, although apparently AP Statistics and AP Calucus have fully functional lounges. Interesting. Basically the College Board has shit on the Comparative Readers because we don't have the numbers. Fine. But they will lose readers. And they were short readers this year. So I'm probably done with my AP Comparative Reader affair.


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