Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Welcome Back

I’ve been not writing, again.

That’s really not that big of a deal since the readership of this blog has probably dropped to that of the local school newspaper.  Probably even worse.  Maybe I need a movie review section.

Or maybe that’s the way it goes with teachers.  I’m backed up with my grading, behind in my planning, and overall just feeling like everything is a jumbled mess.  Even Spring Break (which is this week) is kind of wonky with the fact that my wife threw out her back.  She ran five miles Monday morning and now can hardly move.  Backs are funky. 

This is also funky. 

Bill Heath has been my hoops boss for the last thirteen years and has been coaching basketball for 37.  That’s an enormous amount of time and energy put into the process of positive engagement for kids.  I’m sorry to see him go but, as the article shows, he goes out with class.  People have often tried to guess my relationship with Coach Heath, even so far as to say that we actually got into a fight.  The closest we ever got to a fight was when he might have raised his voice at me in 2005 or 2006, when I was being a little shit.  Other than that the boxing gloves never came out.  And I’ll part this situation with this analysis of Coach Heath behind-the-scenes;  he never shut down other opinions.  Ever.  He was always asking his staff for opinions and while we didn’t always agree, I feel like he genuinely cared about the staff’s opinions.  I learned a ton of basketball from the guy and I owe him some serious gratitude for always allowing ideas to flow.  I’m a better coach thanks to Bill Heath.
And that brings us to the number one question I’ve been asked nearly every day for the last two weeks; am I the new varsity coach?  My answer……I applied.  What does that mean?  It means that I’m a well-respected teacher on campus with over twenty years of coaching experience, the last thirteen of which have been at Ukiah High School.  There is a process and it needs to be followed and I applied, and that’s pretty much that.  So how does that make me feel?

Yeah, politics.

It took exactly 24 hours after I applied to learn that someone didn’t like me enough to let it be known to a lot of people.  I contacted that person and they kindly discussed why they didn’t like me and I found that, like teaching, not everyone is going to be happy with everything.  The difference is that, unlike the classroom, the detractors are given a bigger microphone within the athletic arena because some reason.  I’m not entirely worried about it.  I’ve been teaching for 13 years and I’m very confident that I do it pretty well.  I’ve been a head coach now for twenty years and that means that it is engrained within my soul that what I do is good, fair, and right.  And in the end, it’s the entirety of the job that matters, not just the coaching.

photoSeriously?  I mean, check out my response. 

This was actually released the day the varsity job was flown within the district.  They eventually rescinded the tweet and ignored my request for a source.  Man.  Oh yeah, spotlight.  

So how’s your break? 

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