Friday, April 25, 2014

Racism rears ugly head. Japanese cats that blog for the Huffington Post are furious.

Can we as a society get any lower?
"It dismisses Asian culture and the women who choose to enjoy it as mindless pawns at white America's disposal."
With the David Dukes, Cliven Bundys, and Richie Incognitos of the world, what pray-tell could it be that drives the ugly veil of racism in front of the faces of the American people?

"(it) runs rampant with racist under and overtones"
My God, the horror!  What is it?  I must know!  I must know!  I MUST KNOW!

What in the hell?

That song is horrible.  Avril Lavigne has made some good music.  This would not fit in that category.  In fact "good music" screams away in the Dolorian at 88 miles per hour and goes back to Lavigne's earlier years to punch her in the face for even contemplating this song.

But it's not because it's racist.

So this song has caused a flap because racism or something.  And the quickest way to really degenerate the issue of racism into a matter that loses credibility is to start calling everything under the sun racist.  Imus, Avril Lavigne, making fun of Jesse Jackson, Lorde's lyrics.....there's a point at which wolf is cried so much we forget the real problems of race.  Black graduation rates are at an absurd level that demands a look at institutional racism but we don't make that the race issue, we make the issue the fact that the man who laughs at Al Sharpton's dumb ass is a bigot that probably hates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Bring the phony hatred into reality please.
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