Thursday, March 06, 2014

RT reporter resigns on-air because Putin is now really bad

Remember this from my student evaluations in 2012?


The bold was my addition at the time.  My guess is that this isn’t the typical RT (aka Russia Today) enthusiast but I’m not quite sure about that.  What I do know is that RT has become the news that people turn to when everything else in existence is “mainstream.”  It’s sort of laughable in a teenage hipster sort-of-way because they really don’t know any better and some actually have parents that tend to agree.  It’s interesting.  I guess state-controlled media ran by an authoritative regime is better than mainstream.  I don’t agree but who am I to judge. 

I guess she can judge. 

That’s Liz Wahl, the RT reporter that said that she could not work for a network that “whitewashes the actions of Putin.”  After making the above statement, she resigned and stood by her convictions that the Kremlin had a little say in how the news was being reported.  I don’t quite know what took her so long to figure out that her bosses were authoritarian hunks but it sounds like she found the path after a weekend showing of Airplane 2 on Showtime. 

That’s enough to frighten anyone.

Want an amusing response from RT? 

Here ya go. 

“….foreign journalists who work for RT across the globe do have a choice. Some of them might be asking themselves, “Why would I have to defend Russia at the expense of my career, my future, my reputation, why would I tolerate humiliation by my fellow journalists?” Few can say “Because I’m telling the truth, and there’s no one else to tell it.” Some will fail to find the answer and quietly resign. Others will perform their resignation on air in a self-promotional stunt, perhaps securing fantastic career prospects they wouldn’t have dreamt of before.
Standing out from the crowd is hard, sometimes unbearable. I wish the best of luck to those who can’t take it. To those who continue to do their best for RT, who know they are right even if the whole world says otherwise, I have to say I’m proud of you. IMMENSELY PROUD.”

Immensely proud, huh?

Before you get really IMMENSELY PROUD of your journalistic integrity let me explain something to you.  This is a journalist:

You don’t get to put yourselves on her level.