Friday, February 14, 2014

Tech dumping


I don’t really know George Couros and his website seems to really be dedicated to passionate learning.  And maybe I’m reading his tweet and misinterpreting the tone.  That happens a lot with the Interwebs. 

Still, that comment.

I responded “Absolutely” to his statement and never received a response, so who really knows if I took it correct or not.  Dumping tech into classrooms doesn’t improve learning and there are almost no statistics that I’ve seen that shows that’s the case.  Tools are tools are tools, and in the wrong hands a Chromebook is a neat thing to use for porn surfing when the teacher makes a sloppy lesson plan and sits behind the desk. 

And by the way, Flipping the classroom is way too much about tech, and less and less about technique.  I don’t like the idea that videos are better because kids can watch the videos and don’t have to read, for some reason.  If they don’t understand, rewind the video, because reading, you know, is too difficult.  Yeah, technology.  Not so great.  And before you tell me that Flipping isn’t about tech, check out the majority of posts.  It is about tech.

That doesn’t mean many of the basic ideas of inquiry based learning aren’t excellent.  But jeez, enough of the tech-is-king talk.   

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