Friday, February 14, 2014

Coffee Break

A long time ago in Ukiah there was Coffee Critic.  It was the local coffee hangout that had all sorts of coffee goodies priced absurdly high with snotty staff that made you feel beneath contempt for even considering a cup of Starbucks. 

Well, they are gone. 

Now there is Black Oak Coffee Roasters, a posh coffee hangout that has all sorts of coffee goodies with interesting names that are priced absurdly high.  The staff is much more friendly and I don’t feel guilty any more because I’m beyond that whole “shop local or die” mentality.  This bastion of java has managed to become the local hipster heaven and the vibe is decidedly college-townesque, with ragged blue jeans, faded flannels, and those thick rimmed glasses that makes one much more intelligent than the average heathen. 


But my God the prices.  Unlike college town coffee shops, Black Oak has assumed that being in a town that contains vineyards actually allows one to price things like this is Napa.  No, I can’t really see the justification of a $10 bagel with cream cheese and lox.  Never.  Ever.  Especially one that is actually smaller than the average NHL hockey puck.  Nor do pretty little lavender flowers create appropriate justification for a $5 twelve ounce latte.  It’s nuts. 

Of course if I’m that alienated then what am I doing here?  First off, you ask too many questions.  Second, something is being done to my house and I need a place to hang.  Finally, dammit, they actually have good coffee.  I might be complaining but I’m not immune to decent service and good coffee.  Hypocrisy be dammed when it comes to coffee. 

I guess the point of this post is to get back in the swing of blogging by complaining about useless information.  Or that I’d like a reasonable cup of coffee for reasonable prices.  Or something. 

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