Sunday, November 17, 2013

Going back to Freshmen basketball

I was once asked if I would ever take a step back from my current position as Junior Varsity coach to coach the Frosh.  At the time I said no.  I lied.  This year it looks like I’m heading back to my old stomping grounds of 9th grade. 

Except that I only partially lied.  I’m not leaving the JV.  I’m currently doing both. 

Yes, it’s one week until try-outs for the Ukiah Wildcats and we are without a Freshmen coach.  Until one comes out of the wood work, I’m going to do the double duty of coaching both teams.  Seeing as the requirements for coaching have officially become a pain in the ass, the chances of a coach showing up ready to go this week are slim.  So I stepped up.

Well see how it works.

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