Friday, October 25, 2013

Studies show that reasons for teachers quitting, and reports that keep repeating it, have not changed.

In a report that could have come out 15 years ago, The Atlantic made startling, I said startling, conclusions that teacher turnover is high and the reasons are usually based around conditions within the workplace and an overall lack of respect for the profession.  I would make an insanely generalized statement about the state of Education in society but after reading this article, I’d rather look at something more inspiring. 


I’m fairly sure that she’s got the stuff for a number four starting pitcher. 

I would invite you not to take the time reading the article and instead take the time to check out the comments, many of which show that society really has no idea what goes on in schools.  And it’s not even a partial-understand kind of thing.  It’s really a “hey, I bet my child is golden and school is the devil” kind of thing. 

In the meantime we can talk all we want about teacher retention and the same two issues will always come up; administration and unions.  It is often perceived that tenured teachers can’t be fired, and that’s untrue.  Administrations that take the time to go through the process to get rid of bad teachers.  It is also perceived that unions are in the game for the best interest of the students.  That would also be untrue as teacher’s unions are in it for the teachers and would sacrifice students to Voldemort if it meant preventing any subtraction of a sliver of political power the union holds.

When all stakeholders actually want to solve the problems of education, we will!  But in the meantime we go back to whatever show is already in progress…

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