Sunday, October 13, 2013

Homecoming, thank God, is over

I made a promise on #sschat that I would try and get through the week without posting “I hate Homecoming” on Twitter.  The week is over. 

And I hate Homecoming.

You can find past Homecoming rants here, here, here,  and this one.  It shouldn’t be surprising that my opinion on Homecoming has changed little since I was first exposed to the March Towards the Spirit Bell.  While festivities have been a tad paired back, the energy put towards this week’s event was insane.  Here’s the highlights:

-Students coming in bleary eyed because they were up until Midnight on school nights working the backdrop, the skit, and the float.

-Students coming in to morning classes because of all the drama associated with Homecoming “unity” in various states of emotional distress.  Some sulked and a few actually cried.

-Internal divisions within classes that led to physical confrontations.

-Divisions within classes that lead to groups of students screaming profanities at each other on campus, and harassing each other on the Internet.

-Parents of students spending over a thousand  dollars on food, supplies, bribes, and various other items to make sure that their class wins some idiotic bell that they will probably see one time in the next nine months.  

My favorite quote was from a higher up who said that community members loved Homecoming but had concerns that their kids were too involved and wished the school did something about it.  The school.  This is the same alumni community that throws a fit when the Homecoming Parade route was changed because the town didn’t have enough police to maintain safety.  The same community that has more involvement in Homecoming that almost any academic function on campus for the entire year.

I guess there is a little hypocrisy on my end since I play the role of Homecoming Grinch very well.  Students see it as a joke.  Some other teachers see me as a joyless jerk that hates watching the kids have fun.  Most nod, sigh, and go through the process while watching the school become a circus.  And yes, I dress up in Purple and Gold on “Purple and Gold” day.  And yes I escort a couple of King and Queen candidates on occasion.  But until we create an event that actually does not disrupt the whole system for weeks, and actually creates a positive impact on the community, I’ll still dislike this annual event.    

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