Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Musings of a month in, dammit.

Dammit anyway.

I’m sick.  I’m better than I was yesterday, that’s for sure.  I had a fever, could barely get out of bed, and was hacking up half my insides trying get out the gunk.  Now I’m just a little fatigued, yet I’m still hacking and coughing.  I started coming down with it on Thursday afternoon and tried to announce the football game on Friday.  I succeeded in sounding like Barry White calling ball-carriers and tackles.  Then I went home and collapsed.  It’s not a surprise though because kids have been coming down with this thing for over a week, and my wife got it last weekend.  But I think it has run its course and normalcy should set in by mid-week.


Let’s get something straight, warm-up music is not for adults.  At basketball games a vast majority of the music is going to be hip-hop.  At football games the vast majority will be heavy metal.  You don’t have to like.  It’s not for you.  It’s also not profane or nasty or derogatory, so sush.  Listen for 15 minutes and deal with it, or show up at kick-off.  Regardless, don’t bother me in the booth with complaints about how awful Metallica is.  You won’t get anywhere.


This is another year where beach wear is in at Ukiah High School and I really can’t figure out what has happened to the sense of parents to police kids.  You are parents.  You parent.  See how that works?  Right now nice kids are wearing either clothing that is actually tasteful but inappropriate for school (strapless sun dresses made for the beach) or clothing that looks kind of like, well..

 See through tops with bras underneath.  Yep, here we go again.  Last year I asked a girl wearing something similar to cover up and the parent thought I was the expression police about to send her daughter to the gulag.  This year I’m early and hopefully the message is sent while the honeymoon is in full swing.  And this picture is actually tame compared to some I ask to cover up.  And animal prints are back in fashion. 



Back to school is Wednesday.  Over/Under for number of families to show?

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