Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dude, let me puff that vape


I was told in the summer that students are starting to bring e-cigarettes to school that are disguised as pens.  How cute. 

For those that don’t know, e-cigs (aka “vapes”) are electronic devices that allow the user to get a nicotine hit through the use of vapor.  It’s marketed as a method to stop smoking, only the Centers for Disease Control has found that students are starting to show signs that it’s doing just the opposite. 

“…1 in 5 middle school students who reported ever using e-cigarettes say they have never tried conventional cigarettes. This raises concern that there may be young people for whom e-cigarettes could be an entry point to use of conventional tobacco products, including cigarettes.”

  Interesting, except that I don’t see much that my high school can do about something that doesn’t really have a rule, nor has major externalities in relation to other students.  Plus, enforcement is going to really, really difficult.  So maybe parents need to keep track of the whole vape thing and realize that your child is sucking on a small, metal pipe.  Or a rope.


God.  After a short time off the trendy list it looks like smoking hookah is also back into fashion.  The past time has created a culture that has been promoted by parents by loaning their child the garage and to allow them to buy a massive communal water bong because it probably prevents them from having sex, drinking booze, listening to loud music, and doing hard drugs….unless it accomplishes none of that. 

Ahh, the teenage desire for vice.  

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