Friday, August 02, 2013

The curious conundrum of Khan in my Costco Connection (#flipclass will love it)

I love Costco.

It’s the great identifier for those with the capitalist ethic, marginalizing those that don’t do their research by presenting them with “deals” that make people spend over $400 per shopping trip.  My wife and I do the research, and our trip costs have been cut down significantly (*cough* minus wine).  And where else can you grab a dog and a drink for a buck fifty, after you’ve gorged on all the snack samples that permeate the store.  So bring forth my mailer, the Costco Connection!



That’s not really what I had in mind for the Back-To-School edition of the Connection.  Sal Khan, founder and marketer of the online platform Khan Academy, has now found his way into the heart of my shopping nirvana.  Part of me is not surprised at this, especially when I realized that he is now promoting a book, The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined…..available at Costco.


Sal Khan insists that his Academy is not the “silver bullet” of education, although he has plenty of opinions about education and all of them revolve around using the Khan Academy platform.  And he’s has offered up those opinions on any media outlet that will take him, the most recent being the Back-To-School edition of the Costco Connection.   

And look who’s the new face for Flipping the Classroom!  Sal Khan!  Hahaha.  Being a lurker of #flipclass on Twitter and doing a whole lot of investigative work on Flipping, I can tell you that Sal’s massive overexposure might not go well with those teachers that actually practice the real concept of classroom face-to-face time.  The grunts are doing the real work while the prissy little general that has never had his hands dirty is going to the media saying “Look at all I’ve accomplished.” 


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