Saturday, August 17, 2013

So is anyone really going to address this?

I’ve been around the high school for two weeks, and it was Tuesday before I overheard this conversation between a few teachers.

“So what’s really going to happen here with the new transgender law and the locker rooms?”

“I have no idea.”

Does anyone?

From CNN:

California has become the first state in the nation to allow transgendered students to choose which school bathrooms and locker rooms to use and which sport teams to join based on their gender identity.

I have heard nothing about this policy, although as a coach I have no problem at all with anyone playing on the team.  Girl, boy, transgender, Na’vi, the droids we aren’t really looking for; they all can play for me.  I want the best regardless of gender. 

But the bathroom thing and locker room issue could be a tad bit…interesting.  I realize that I’m starting to wander into those waters where asking tough questions could invoke the dreaded “prejudice card.”  But have we really looked at what we are saying here.  I understand the concept of someone as transgender.  But their anatomical gender is pretty clear.  I mean, you either have a penis or you don’t.  Right? 

I’m sure this is the point where I’m getting the “oh, you’re so simple mind and a heathen” kind of talk.  But seriously, what happens when a transgender male walks into a high school locker room full of girls?  And don’t give me this “we are all equal” crap because if that’s true then just get it over with and create unisex locker rooms.  It’ll save money and satisfy Title IX perfectly.  But has a unisex locker room ever really worked out?

Now wait a minute.  Might I remind you that almost all of those soldiers in Starship Troopers DIED BY BUGS!  I don’t buy it!

Since it could present real issues in the near future, wouldn’t be nice if someone addressed this item with teachers?  Are certain showers going to require walled off stalls?  Are there going to be punishments for gawking?  Would extended glances be considered harassment?  Will feminine hygiene products need to be installed in boys’ locker rooms? 

Don’t roll your eyes.  They are legitimate questions that need to be answered, especially when it will be the teacher that will be liable for all the problems.  And we are talking about middle and high school aged kids here!  There will be issues! 

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