Sunday, August 25, 2013

Khan interviews Arne Duncan because of course he did

So Sal Khan interviewed Arne Duncan at a Google Hangout because Sal Khan is the Mike Wallace of Silicon Valley media, or something.  First it was the cover of my Costco Connection, now an interview with the Secretary of Education, and tomorrow Khan will be releasing a video on how to solve the crisis in Syria.  Later this month Khan will become the President of the world.  What could possibly stop this ongoing march to absolute edu-rule?   


I knew Ricardo Montalban wasn’t really dead!  Look Sal, there is only enough room in this universe for one Khan, and that spot was taken when the super-human left Ceti Alpha Five.

Screw you cartoon lion.  I said THE KHAN, not Sal Khan or Shere Khan.  And you can’t hardly survive a stampede, much less pilot a starship.

Look at the video if you want.  But you will only sit there and hear Barack Obama edu-talking points while looking at the screen and wondering why Frontline isn’t doing this interview, AND WHO THE HELL IS SAL KHAN ANYWAY?  Duncan does mention how wonderful teachers are (aw) and how the education system needs to move away from age-based grade advancement (how about tomorrow).  But it’s more of the same with Obama, lots of campaigning without real governing.  Let’s visit universities and edu-VCs to spread the message that I need to get…wait a minute…I’m going to be termed out in three years, aren’t I?  Yes, Barack.  Yes you are.

And in the meantime Sal Khan has risen one of the tech elite because he’s created lousy lecture videos that have much better substitutes elsewhere online.  Excellent.  Gates had Windows, Jobs had digital music, Bezos had Amazon, and Khan has lecture videos for free. 

If only.

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