Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jay Greene says stupid shit

Yeah, I know.  Such an undignified title for a post that is exposed the Interwebz world.  But if the shoe fits, if it walks like a duck, and if it is damn stupid.  Well….

So Jay Greene has a blog.  That’s not entirely new.  Lots of people have blogs.  I have a blog.  A crazy ass that totally digs celebrities has a blog.  A “Southern Belle” that uses way too much butter has a blog.  Hell, even the severely disillusioned have a blog.  It’s all a matter of opinions.  We are all taking our little spots on the web and making them a soapbox for all those things we care about.

Twitter is simply a smaller soapbox.  In 140 characters we managed to express ourselves in a manner that reaches a whole lot of people very quickly.  I give out opinions; most being totally incoherent ramblings that are probably going to get me fired one day when I mention something about the San Francisco Giants’ batting style.  Until that time occurs, I figure that I can provide something to the American public.  A window in the life of a public educator in Northern California.

“Judging by the high status of many of these manic Tweeters you might think they are saving the world. They include respected academics, think tank leaders, and foundation officials, so it would seem that they really must engage in these compulsive acts to prevent something terrible from happening.  Unfortunately, I think they are suffering from a form of madness.”

Whoa.  Looks like Mr. Blog-o-Greene has a thing about Twitter.  Apparently the frequency of opinion really bothers him since he created an entire post about how useless having an opinion on Twitter actually is. 

“Issuing dozens of 144 character messages every day has no real impact on making the world better. It just encourages shallow thinking and petty sniping. In the history of the Universe it is highly unlikely that any Tweet influenced or helped anyone.”






And we could add in people like Andy Carvin to the list for the ability to take news stories, as they happen, and give a total perspective from the 140 standard characters that is Twitter.  Yeah, no influence at all.

The most egregious error that Greene makes is the gross hypocrisy on his own blog.


What the…. 

“thoughts on education policy and other matters?”  You mean like Twitter?  Except with Twitter you can get through a lot of garbage and often actually say something.  But I understand, you…..wait a minute.  Is that a link to share on Twitter? 


Oh well played. 

By the way, Larry Ferlazzo (a local guy) provides one of the most comprehensive resource options for teachers on the Internet, with strong emphasis on information to assist with English Language Learners.  He is tireless with his research.  Going after Ferlazzo is like going to the neighbor that builds playground equipment for needy children and punching him in the face just to prove that you can. 

But I guess that’s how they do it in Arkansas.

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