Monday, August 12, 2013

Because I wouldn’t write it as well.

Assorted Stuff gets the credit for this post because he created an open letter to his new Superintendent.

Not a big deal, you say?

Well it wouldn’t be if it didn’t represent the feelings of thousands of teachers around the country.  But Assorted does a fantastic job describing the “accolades”, the “inspirational speeches”, the mention of international educational dominance, and the data….ooooh the sweet data. 

So yeah, you should read this and realize that what teachers want most for the time right before students enter is to prepare for that moment when students enter. 

By the way, I could have wrote this kind of letter.  But I’m too immature and I would have probably added in some kind of extra nonsense that would not have helped the matter.


Take it for what you will.

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