Monday, July 01, 2013

BART workers strike, and get no love from here.

BART strike July 1, 2013

Picture a job where one only needs a high school diploma and clean driving record.  Then picture the job with an average salary of $63,000.  But wait, add to that job an average of $14,000 annually in overtime.  Then throw in around $40,000 in benefits, including a pension package that you don’t contribute to at all.  Subtract $92 a month in health care. 

Now ask for a 23% raise.

Welcome to a BART train operator!

Low health care costs, no pension payment, making more than I make now PLUS tens-of-thousands in overtime….and you want a 23% raise?  Me and my degree would like a raise.  So would me and my “overtime” with students.  Oh, and me and my pension would like a break as well.  Along with me and my $350 a month health care cost.  I would like to drive that train all the way to economic prosperity.

Nope.  No love for striking BART workers from this union member.  Sure, I’m all for a fair day’s work at a fair day’s wage.  But these guys are doing a fantastic job playing the part of the greedy public worker who wants a lot more than their actual worth, and is willing to destroy urban transportation in the process.  Nicely done.  More reasons for the public to hate us.   

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